Our Philosophy

Fika is a concept, a state of mind, an attitude and a way of living in Scandinavian culture.  It means taking time for friends and family, a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life.  This concept is the driving factor in how we do business – how we interact with our clients, how we move through the design process, and how we create spaces to foster time spent with friends and family. 

Both owners Callie Jerde & Jennifer Severson come to the partnership with 10+ years’ experience in the design industry.  With young families and busy careers, they both wanted to reimagine their workload and operate at a pace that created a harmonious work/life balance.  By focusing on a reduced number of projects, they are able to provide great design solutions with excellent customer service and a focus towards the experience.


With past careers in marketing, sales and communications, Jennifer brings real-life experience to her client’s projects and understands the balance needed to make their spaces function in today’s busy world.  

Jennifer is a creative thinker and active listener who works with clients to transform the spaces most important to their lives.  With an eye for details, and a desire to find unique pieces that achieve the desired aesthetic, Jennifer helps her clients feel comfortable and grounded in their spaces.


Callie brings passion and creativity to each project, which results in delighted clients and a beautiful product.  Clients come back to her time and time again as they trust her expertise and appreciate her attention to detail.

Modern with classic touches, Callie has an eye to bring design elements together that feel fresh and current.  She is able to capture the vision of the whole home, and seamlessly weaves the design throughout each space.